Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowls (With Wooden Striker)

Powerful Healing Tones in the Palm of Your Hand
Silent Mind Singing Bowls are perfectly sized to fit in your hand, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on sound. Our bowls are perfect for on-the-go mindfulness, yet are as vibrant and resonant as larger bowls.

Ideal for meditation, sound therapy, spiritual gatherings, or any moment when you wish to create space and generate positive energy. When your brain waves synchronize with the otherworldly sounds, you’ll experience the enhanced creativity and mental clarity that have made Singing Bowls a valued tradition for thousands of years.

There are so many benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety significantly
  • Lower anger and blood pressure
  • Improve circulation and increases blood flow
  • Deep relaxation and pain relief
  • Chakra balancing
  • Increase mental and emotional clarity
  • Promote stillness, happiness and well being. Stimulate the immune system.
  • Aid the immune system and fibromyalgia and psoriasis in individuals that meditate



8CM = 3.14" , 9.5CM = 3.74" , 10.5CM = 4.13"

11.5CM = 4.53", 12.5CM = 4.92", 14.5CM = 5.70"

Package Includes:

1 x Singing Bowl (size of your choice)

1 x Singing bowl wooden stick 

Please not the package does not include the singing bowl padding. 


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