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Floppy Fish Toy For Babies, Kids & Pets!

Pat your BABIES to sleep! Perfect For Chewing & Kicking for Pets & Kids!

Smart interactive toy, when you touches the toy, the fish toy will automatically move and swing and make a sound, attracting your kids to play and kick.

Product Description

Material: Cotton and Plush
Fish Types: Silver Tuna, Atlantic Salmon, Grass Carp, Red Carp
Target Audience: Perfect for padding baby and as a kid and cat toy.


  • built-in touch sensors, after charging the fish and "turning on", it can flopping and wiggle, dancing just like a realistic fish! Slowly putting your baby to sleep or keeping your cat amused for hours on end.
  • Fish toy made of cotton and short plush. An odorless super soft filler that will not do harm the baby or cat. Perfect for biting, chewing and kicking.
  • USB charging design, built-in long-lasting USB rechargeable battery, with standby mode. Save the cost of replacing the battery. The USB cable is included in the package. The infused chargeable motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the plush toy.

Package Include:  1  x moving fish electric toy and  USB cable

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