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Insta-Glide Orb

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The motorized Insta-Glide Orb glides effortlessly through the air each time it leaves your hand. Release it and watch it glide, hover, and zoom through the air before either landing it in the hands of a friend, or returning to your own hands like a boomerang -- depending on how you angle it! 

Safety Approved - Keep your children engaged for hours on end! Not only is Insta-Glide Orb completely safe, it actually improves reflexes and can be great exercise - for both the body and the mind.

Portable - The Insta-Glide Orb is small enough to fit in your hand or pocket. Take it on the go and play whenever or wherever you like! Favorite settings include the park, the beach, around the house, and just about anywhere. 

Neon LED Lights - Each Insta-Glide Orb is equipped with high-tech LED lighting for extra fun in the dark! No more counting on the sun being out to play catch.


Just switch the on/off button, hold the Insta-Glide Orb, and give it a shake to begin. It's that easy.


Release the Insta-Glide Orb into the air at the right angle and it will float outwards before slowly returning right back to you like magic!


The Insta-Glide Orb encloses its moving parts in a protective outer shell, which is also designed to enhance its flight path. You and your hands are always completely safe when playing with your Orb. 


The highly durable build protects the Insta-Glide Orb from drops and miss-throws. Because nobody's perfect!


Soccer juggling meets zero gravity! Kick the Orb up and tally how many you can get without it hitting the ground! 


Charging the Insta-Glide Orb for just 10 minutes will power it for 30 minutes of flight time. Insta-Glide Orb is charged with a USB cable into any computer or wall power source.



✓ Fun for all ages

✓ Stress-reducing

✓ Completely Safe

✓ Highly-durable design

✓ Friendly competition with friends and family

 * Note: Charger is included


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