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Ear Wax CleanerPro (6-Piece) Tool Kit

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Q-Tips are widely used all around the world by many people for one thing – to get rid of the wax inside their ears.

While you have your ears free from wax, this particular cleansing routine can be dangerous to your ears and their function. This routine is also counter-productive. While you may see some amount of residue on the cotton swab, inserting Q-tips actually cause the wax to go further into the ear canal instead of getting all of it removed. Swabbing in your ears can actually affect your sense of hearing, the moment that the ear wax gets into the eardrums instead of going out the ears. 

When you accidentally pushed the cotton swabs deeply inside your ears, you might even push the ear wax further and it can result to earwax impaction. The signs and symptoms of this condition include dizziness, ringing sensation in the ears, pain and hearing loss. Whilst these cotton swabs were not primarily manufactured for cleaning the ear wax, it took half of the century before the manufacturers warn people about the use of their products. As of now, many of us are not aware of the danger that using Q-Tips can bring to their lives.

We Have The Perfect Solution For You Below 👇

Our Ear Wax CleanerPro (6-Piece) Tool Kit prevents damaging your eardrum and impaired hearing.
It’s very suitable for family use and travel.
This is also a good gift for family or friends.
  • ⚡Excellent Design: Compared with the traditional cotton swab, which may push the earwax into the ear, our earwax removal kit has several improvements. The ear pick in scoop shape can remove the earwax easily and effectively. The ear pick in spiral design can relieve itching by massaging your ear canal.

  • ⚡Safe And Reliable: Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and rust-proof. To prevent scratching or irritation to the ears, all our earplugs are fully polished to ensure that all surfaces are smooth.
  • ⚡Easy To Use And Clean: Just gently insert the tip into the ear canal and twist the handle in the direction of the arrow. Please wash our ear picks thoroughly with soap and water before and after using. And then, please also sterilize the ear picks with rubbing alcohol. 

  • ⚡Portable Storage Box: Our ear pick cleaning set comes with a portable PU bag. You can easily take those earwax removal kits. Our ear wax removal kit is also a great gift for your family and your friends.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: black; blue; brown; yellow; pink
  • Weight: 29g / 0.06lb
  • Size: See Below


  • 1 × EarWax Cleaner Tool Set (6-piece set)

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