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AstroGalaxy 360° Projector

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Enhance your environment with Our AstroGalaxy 360° Projector.

This breathtaking projector blasts you into space with its sparkling display of starry lights and cloudy nebula!

Adjust the movement, brightness, and color of the stars to create a dreamy atmosphere that fits any mood!

This is AMAZING for children that have trouble falling asleep at night. 

Equipped with a powerful video projector, AstroGalaxy 360° Projector reproduces the stars and the galaxy on your walls and ceilings thanks to its colorful beam with multiple decorations.

You can click to choose the mode projection to vary the ' mood light and the colors you want to materialize before your eyes and choose from the 8 star or galaxy modes available.

Perfect night light for the little ones

Lamp, night light, projector: an essential accessory for children with nocturnal phobias or difficulty falling asleep!

The perfect Christmas present

Adult or child, projecting a beautiful galaxy in a darkened room has soothing and relaxing virtues. There is also the ' use to create a festive atmosphere during the Christmas holidays!  This original and useful lamp is also an original gift to offer.

Project a scintillating galaxy to accompany them as they fall asleep and reassure them.

  • High definition projection
  • Remote control
  • 8 different projection effects
  • 45 and 90-minute timer function
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Moonbase that provides stability

Promotes sleep
Relax in a soothing environment and improve the quality of your sleep. This adorable little astronaut will enchant your nights and help you fall asleep quickly, as well as reduce your stress.

How does it work?

  • Connect the lamp using the supplied USB cable
  • Turn on the switch located on the back of the lamp
  • Use the remote control to choose your projection mode
  • Relax!

The remote control works with 3 AAA batteries not included.

With the remote control, you can control the effect to be displayed, the brightness, and the timer (45 or 90 min). It turns off automatically when the programmed timer is reached.

Held with a magnetic system, the head of Astronaut Star Projector Night Light is adjustable so that you can easily adjust the projection angle.

8 customizable effects
To amaze your nights, you can choose between 8 effects of projections of space. You can also display the nebula only, the stars only, or both at the same time.


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