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3D Propeller Topwater Hollow Body Duckling Frog Mix Lure

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Here’s Why All Bass Anglers Should Grab Their "Big Bass Catch" 3D Propeller Topwater Hollow Body Duckling Frog Mix Lure

  • A Perfect Imitation Of A Frog and Duckling: The 3D Propeller Topwater Hollow Body Duckling Frog Mix Lure is made with a hollow-body, double-propeller design so it has some amazing lifelike swimming action that gets the attention of the big "hidden" bass. 
  • Get MAXIMUM Excitement From The Fishing Trip: Casting and waiting can be relaxing, but often an angler needs the extra thrill of walking the dog and seeing a largemouth get right out of the water to strike the topwater bait. With the 3D Propeller Topwater Hollow Body Duckling Frog Mix Lure there’s no wasted time and frustration getting the lure out of the weeds, no "dull" frogs that don't get the attention of the bass, and no empty hooks or empty buckets! 
  • 100% No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee: If the "Big Bass Catch" Propeller Topwater Frog isn’t everything you’re hoping for, just send it back within 60 days for a FULL refund! 

Cross a frog with a duck, and you've got a the PERFECT LURE! The Zenup 3D Propeller Topwater Hollow Body Duckling Frog  Mix Lure is proven to take monster bass and other top-line predators. Check it out: the hollow-bodied, collapsible topwater lure hybrid with the body shape and fishability of a frog, plus the body detail and big-fish appeal of a baby duck. With its ultra-realistic finish based on 3D scans of real ducklings and perfectly balanced, always-upright design, this bait moves over the surface with an exciting side-to-side swim that draws predators in quickly for the kill. Slender, ultra-supple legs with exaggerated webbing punctuate the retrieve with hard-kicking action. Rigged with a protected X-strong double hook, This Duckling Frog Mix Lure is virtually weedless and can be fished anywhere you'd dare to throw a hollow-body frog.

  • A cross between a frog and duck?
  • Hollow-bodied, collapsible topwater lure hybrid
  • Body shape and fishability of a frog
  • Body detail and big-fish appeal of a baby duck
  • Ultra-realistic finish based on 3D duckling scans
  • Balanced, always-upright design
  • Exciting side-to-side swimming action
  • Ultra-supple hard-kicking legs
  • X-strong double hook
  • Virtually weedless
  • Length: 3.5" / 9.5cm
  • Weight: 2/5oz / 11.2g

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