There's Zen In Taking It Slow Like A Turtle

There's Zen In Taking It Slow Like A Turtle

The Sea Turtle's wisdom teaches us about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Slow moving on earth, yet also incredibly fast and agile in water,  encourages us to take a break in our busy lives and look around or within ourselves for more grounded, long-lasting solutions.

Turtles are known for their slow and steady pace. They remind us that rushing through life will deny us the happiness found in appreciating the little things. 

They remind us it doesn't matter the distance nor the time it takes to get to our destination, but that we know where we're going and stay determined to get there. 

Lastly, turtles may be slow on land, but find their natural flow in the water. One must understand that there are times when we feel stuck and feel like we're progressing slowly. But we just need to find the right environment to strive in, where we too can flow like the sea turtles in the ocean.

- Zenup Team


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