The Healing Benefits From Orgonite Pyramids

The Healing Benefits From Orgonite Pyramids


People sleep better with the pyramids. But where the pyramid is placed at night is a very individual thing. There is a very psychic and energetically sensitive man I know who loves his pyramid, including how it affects his sleep. He has to have it under his bed base on the floor. This way the pyramid can work its way through the chakras & energize him for the next day while relaxing him during his sleep.  

There is such a variety of ways the pyramids can be used. I’m aware that one of the well-being therapists who purchased a small pyramid lets the client hold the orgonite for a period of time during treatment, others the larger orgonites simply have it under the massage table. It’s up to the individual therapist.

The pyramids are tools to help us hold a more harmonic space. To put it in practical terms, a screwdriver is helpful if you need to screw in a screw. A hammer is helpful when you need to pound in a nail. The pyramids are helpful tools when you want to alleviate the EMFs from cellphones, wifi routers, and the like. They’re not necessarily going to make you enlightened, but they are certainly going to give you breathing room where you can do your meditation, rest more easily, or just relax more knowing that your home is a healthier environment.

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