Power of Influence & Inspiration

Power of Influence & Inspiration

Having money is great but being fulfilled is even better. 

Being able to influence and inspire a group of people in a positive way makes you genuinely happy. 

Let me ask you this. What's more impactful to you? When you made the most money you've ever made in your life or when you became a parent for the first time? Or when someone came up to you and told you that their life changed for the better because of you? I believe it's the latter. 

If we write the book of our lives and all we talk about are our financial achievements, that is going to be a quick uninspiring book no one will read. 

A book filled with failures and triumphs, love and loss, respect and melancholy and the life lessons that made you who you are makes for one heck of a book everyone MUST read. 

"Inspire yourself to inspire others"

- Zenup Team

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